Student Voice

"Students are the most significant stakeholder within the education system, but rarely are they included in decision-making. Students are treated as passive consumers of education rather than active contributors to learning. Research and practice have told us that student voice leads to greater engagement, greater well-being, improved school climate, and lower dropout rates." taken from

Student Voice is a student driven action group with equal representatives randomly selected from each grade. Students meet monthly and provide authentic and honest feedback into the operation of the school. This is driven by two questions:

How do we increase student engagement at VCHS?
How can we empower students at VCHS?

We hope students can attend most of the following dates but understand if they are unable to attend all of them. If a student is unable to attend a specific date we ask them to find a grade level replacement.

Oct 19 BK 2

Nov 23 BK 3

Dec 18 BK4

Jan 15 BK 1

Feb 27 BK 2

Mar 19 BK3

Apr 24 BK4